Hi, I'm Adam McSparran.

I am a photographer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and I specialize in Family and Sporting Dog Photography, but also love spending time in outdoors photographing Wildlife, Landscapes, and capturing the outdoor lifestyle.

The journey to this point has not been a straight one. I joined the U.S. Army right after high school, and spent 11 years with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions as a Geospatial Engineer. While in the military, I pursued other creative outlets like learning guitar, songwriting, and even homebrewing beer. Ultimately, I made an early exit from the military and moved home to Charleston, South Carolina.

While in the Army, I got more involved with the waterfowl hunting community after my deployment to Iraq in 2008. I've always been a dog guy, but there was just something about working with retrievers that was different. In reality, that was the part of waterfowling that kept me coming back. Fast forward to 2021 - I linked up with Parrish Major at Southern Oak Kennels-East and the rest is history. Since then, I've been able to hone my skills as a canine photographer, capturing magical moments in both portrait and frame freezing action styles.

In 2024, I'm excited to expand my session offerings to include all canines. I offer both outdoor and studio sessions to best capture your best friend's personality. Book a consultation today to discuss how to tell your pup's story!

What's in a name?

I'm often asked where the name Grid Square Photography came from, and to be honest it's a bit more complex than most people are prepared for.

While in SC, I was a part of a men's group that gave everyone nicknames based on their personality, career, or something unique about them. In the Army, we would send young Soldiers on a wild goose chase for "a box of grid squares." (Hint: a physical box of grid squares doesn't exist...) Thus, I was dubbed "Grid Square."

But it goes deeper. You see, my 9-5 career is in the GIS mapping industry, where the term "grid square" refers to the lines of latitude/longitude on a map that intersect (creating squares) from which grid coordinates can be derived. It got me thinking about how important it is to know where you are in life in order to know how to get where you want to go. Over the last couple years, that self-awareness has been a driving principle in not only my life, but now my business.

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